The 1913 Cox & King Catalogue
of Yachts and Motor Boats

A word about the Cox & King Catalogue

by François Grosjean1

The catalogue is not dated but it was most probably published in 1913 (or 1914) since many of the racing motor boats that can be seen on the last page were built in 1913.

It contains 26 pages, all of which show vessels designed by Cox & King with the exception of three pages which describe the firm's products, their approach and the success that was theirs at the time.

The pages are thick photo album like paper with a space marked for the photos which are glued onto the paper.

The photos themselves are by well-known photographers at the time: Debenham, Geiser, Jenkins, Kirk, Newbald, Parry, Rapp, Stebbing, and West.

This particular catalogue was found in the United States, a country that contained many potential buyers for such high-priced vessels. Unfortunately, it came on the eve of World War I and probably did not lead to any firm orders in the ensuing years.

1François Grosjean is the great-grandson, and grandson, of Gustavus Pratt and Francis Gordon Pratt, respectively.

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